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Brandon Leibrock became a criminal defense lawyer because he saw improper arrests, unjust treatment and violation of rights first hand. His local knowledge and connections in the greater Sacramento area justice system together with insider knowledge of police investigative procedures and practices gives his clients an invaluable advantage that is rare. He leverages this knowledge at any stage of the proceedings. You cannot afford to not have Brandon on your side!

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Even though the court system has slowed down due to COVID-19, and other attorney offices have closed, your freedoms are still of the utmost importance, thus we remain open and available to assist you with your legal needs.

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Brandon Leibrock

As a criminal defender, I represent clients in cases ranging from petty theft to homicide. As a police officer I was trained as a DUI instructor by the California Highway Patrol. I then went on to teach police officers how to conduct DUI investigations. I have seen how poor training and a failure to follow procedures can negatively affect a DUI investigation and put an innocent person in handcuffs. That insight helps me to have charges dismissed when others may miss the mistakes.

I know firearms and not just firearms law–I am a California Department of Justice (DOJ), Peace Officers Standard and Training (POST), and National Rifle Association (NRA) certified firearms instructor. I hold a federal firearm’s license and am a court recognized firearms expert, with an in-depth knowledge of current law and upcoming legislative changes. A life time member of the NRA, I am a firearms enthusiast and expert, successfully representing clients with felony possession, unregistered assault weapons, concealed weapon without permit, and concealed carry permit violations.
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California Penal Code defines assault as any unlawful attempt to commit a violent injury to another person, if you have the ability to cause injury. That means you can be charged for merely trying—but failing—to inflict physical harm on someone else. If you were to use a deadly weapon or excessive force, you could be charged with aggravated assault, which can be charged as a felony with a jail sentence of up to four years. If you’re facing assault charges, a knowledgeable assault lawyer can help you seek reduced or dismissed charges.


Battery is the use of forceful, violent, or offensive contact upon another person. If you were to inflict serious bodily injury on that person, you could be charged with aggravated battery, which could also carry a sentence of up to four years in jail.

Potential defenses to assault and battery include acting in self-defense, acting in defense of others, or lacking the intent to cause harm. Contact our seasoned assault and battery lawyers at the Law Office of Brandon Leibrock to begin crafting your defense. We will work to have your charges reduced to the lowest possible offense or dismissed entirely.

Sometimes, the hardest accusation to protect yourself against comes from within your own home or a place where you feel safe. The state of California takes prosecuting domestic violence offenses very seriously. In addition to the criminal punishment, the social stigma surrounding these charges often means that an accused person is guilty until proven innocent.

Domestic violence includes physical abuse, financial abuse (e.g., withholding money), sexual abuse, verbal abuse, social abuse (e.g., using controlling behavior around the company of others), threatening behaviors, and unwanted communication through phone calls, text messages, emails, or letters. A potential victim could be your spouse, a person you’re dating, an ex, a roommate, a parent, or a child—anyone you’re in an intimate relationship with.

If you are charged with a domestic violence offense or receive a restraining order (also known as a protective order), contact our domestic violence lawyers at the Law Office of Brandon Leibrock immediately. In addition to a criminal charge, you could be facing a civil suit from the alleged domestic abuse victim. Criminal defense attorney Brandon Leibrock and his team have successfully defended against accusations of domestic abuse and family violence, and can help you respond to a restraining order.

Even with increased social and medical acceptance of marijuana and psychedelics, drug charges are still on the rise in California. The Law Office of Brandon Leibrock will provide aggressive and experienced representation in your case if you’ve been caught up in the lingering effects of the War on Drugs. Our expert drug crimes lawyers will get to work on your defense immediately and begin challenging the evidence against you.

Like drug charges, arrests for Driving Under the Influence (DUIs) are high. Our DUI attorney will fight to protect your rights and help you avoid fines, license revocation, criminal penalties, and probation.

Whether you’ve been arrested for drug charges or drinking while driving, our aim is to seek a reduction in your charges and create opportunities for treatment options when needed.


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When It Comes to Criminal Charges, Your Best Defense Is Exceptional Legal Representation

At the Law Office of Brandon Leibrock, we understand what’s on the line for you and your loved ones if you’re convicted. It’s not just your freedom. It’s your financial security, your ability to find a job or a place to live, your professional licenses, your right to own a firearm, and sometimes even your legal right to be in this country. We take all of that very seriously.

Our goal is to get the charges against our clients dropped. If that’s not a realistic possibility, we work to have the charges reduced to a lesser offense and mitigate the criminal penalties. Our extensive experience in criminal defense and our connections in the court systems in and around Sacramento, CA, help us excel at protecting you when you most need your rights protected. Sometimes that means we negotiate a plea bargain or seek treatment for you through substance abuse or anger management programs—whatever leads toward your best, brightest future.

From the moment you contact us, we provide you with exceptional and personalized legal service. We will sit down with you to get all of the facts of your arrest, perform a thorough review of the evidence, gather our own information, and begin building your strongest possible defense. Our focus on assault and battery, domestic violence, drug charges, DUIs, and sex crimes allows us to know all of the ins and outs of the criminal system to better represent you.

To learn more about the criminal charges against you and what you can do to defend yourself, contact our office to schedule your confidential initial consultation.

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It depends on what type of job you are applying for. It wouldn't hurt to contact a local attorney and let them look into clearing them up for you.
It does not appear that your conviction would prevent you from owning a firearm, to be sure I would recommend filing a Personnel Firearms Eligibility Check with DOJ however, it may prevent you from being licensed by BSIS.
If you were arrested the Fire Department will likely see it. If it was just a civil demand they probably will not see it. If you tell them the truth it likely will not hold you up however if you lie and they catch you that is grounds to fail you on most backgrounds.
It's illegal to drive on a suspended license regardless of who you have in the car.
If they impounded her car I would suspect the cited her. And yes they can impound her car if she was driving on a suspended license.