An assault is an unlawful attempt to commit violent injury on somebody else. In California, assault would include trying to hit somebody or getting in somebody’s face to intimidate them and make them believe they are about to be struck. Battery is the actual commission of the unlawful touching, which means, for instance, you actually hit, slap, or push somebody.

What Are Potential Penalties Someone Would Face If Convicted of an Assault Charge in California?

If convicted of a misdemeanor assault, you could be facing zero to 180 days in jail. Your conviction would also result in a ten-year prohibition on ownership of firearms.

Do You Recommend Therapy or Anger Management Classes to Clients Facing Assault Charges?

Depending on the nature of the case and the situation, it could definitely be beneficial for a client to take anger management classes. That’s especially true if it’s their first offense. The DA and judges tend to look favorably on self-help programs in those situations.

What Are Potential Defenses That a Sacramento Assault Attorney Can Use in Defending My Case?

There are several potential defenses in assault cases. Self-defense is the first one that most people think of, and it can serve as a good defense depending on the facts of your case. The other defense is that the contact could be accidental, meaning there was no intent to strike the person. You were just, say, moving your arm at the wrong time and the wrong place, and somebody bent into you and got hit in the forehead. Maybe the bump was accidental, not intentional. A third defense is mutual combat, which means that the other party is just as guilty as you in instigating the situation.

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