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What Is the Law in California on Possession of Firearms?

The law on possession of firearms in California is very lengthy and complicated. Even federal judges have commented on how convoluted and complicated it is. There is a general rule: you cannot possess a loaded or unloaded firearm in public. Possessing a loaded or unloaded firearm in public is generally a misdemeanor offense. However, if that firearm is not registered to you or if it is stolen, possession becomes a felony…Read More

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Are you being charged with a firearms violation? A concealed weapons charge or felon in possession? Or an ammunition or assault weapons charge?

Brandon Leibrock is not only extremely well versed in firearms law, he is also an avid firearms collector and gun enthusiast. He believes strongly in 2nd Amendment rights and is a life member of the National Rifle Association. He is a certified Peace Officers Standard and Training (POST) and California Department of Justice (DOJ) instructor. Mr. Leibrock is also a Graduate of the International Firearms Specialist Academy.

His expertise in firearms gives him an advantage when defending clients accused of weapons related charges. As a criminal defense attorney, Brandon Leibrock has an in-depth knowledge of current law and upcoming legislative changes. When he is not defending his clients, he enjoys target shooting and hunting.

Brandon Leibrock

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