Case: Theft of Power

Client charged with felony theft of utility power for bypassing the electrical meter to grow marijuana and then mine Bitcoin. This was going on for about 10 years with a total value of $200,000 in stolen electrical services. His exposure was 3 years in state prison. I resolved the matter for a misdemeanor with no time owed. Total time in jail was less than one day.

Case: DUI

Client with high blood alcohol level >.15 DA wanted 30 days however based on our investigation and the fact that this particular client had immediately sought treatment for alcohol dependency we were able to negotiate for a lower blood alcohol level and the DA gave the client credit for her time in treatment as such she did not have to serve any time in jail.

Case: Petty theft / shoplifting

Client who had just turned 18 stole a small item from a Department Store during Christmas time. After explaining the clients home situation and age the DA offered a Diversion program whereby the clients case is dismissed after she takes a theft class and repays the store for the item taken. She will now be able to grow without a conviction holding her back.

Case: Hit-and-Run

Client was offered a Misdemeanor for Hit and Run after conferencing with the District Attorney we were able to negotiate a settlement for an infraction of unsafe speed (1 point) and failure to exchange insurance information. Client eligible to take traffic school and have the point removed so his insurance will not go up.

Case: Rape

Client accused of raping his ex-girlfriend. Client contacted us upon being learning of the accusation when he was contacted by police. We immediately began an investigation and factually proved the incident never took place, as a result charges were never filed.

Case: Felony Assault

Client charged with Felony Assault was initially represented by the Public Defender and offered six (6) months in custody. After hiring us we gathered additional evidence and discussed the case with the DA who agreed to a simple misdemeanor assault charge and sentenced to time served (2 days). The client was able to keep his job as a result of not having to do any jail time.

Case: Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

Pre-Trial DA offered 20 days and a Domestic Violence conviction (which would result in a lifetime prohibition on firearms ownership). After showing inconsistencies in the investigation DA offered simple assault for time served (2 days). (Possible firearm ownership after 10 years)

Case: felony Assault & Child endangerment

Client retained upon being arrested. After an aggressive investigation our office contacted the DA prior to the first court date and shared the results of our investigation leading to all charges being immediately dropped.

Case: DUI

Client charged with being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. DA refused to drop the drug charges after advising we were setting for trial the DA dropped the drugged driving and all additional terms associated with it.

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